Experience the Colorado Alpine

Inspired by locally grown sustainable agriculture here in the High Rockies, Private Chef Steven Anthony’s menus reflect the ever-changing bounty of Colorado.  Whether you arrive deep in winter amidst snow covered peaks, or you are surrounded by the lush alpine forests in our summer season, this is a cuisine curated to express what Ranchers & Farmers across the state are providing.  Come delight in a unique culinary experience of Colorado produce imbued with flavors of Puerto Rico.

I would be delighted to see you at my table,

Steven Anthony

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Currently providing intimate luxury dining and private chef services to :

Aspen, Beaver Creek, Boulder, Buena Vista, Breckenridge, Crested Butte, Denver, Colorado Springs, San Luis Valley, Steamboat Springs, Telluride, Winter Park, and Vail, Colorado. 

Travel Fee applies to any location outside of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Shared Experiences

This might have been hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had. The chef was so informative and knowledgeable. The food was incredible. The presentation for gorgeous. I will definitely be using Chef Steven

For those with a short attention span, I'll put the essentials up front... if you're looking for an amazing private dining experience in the Breckenridge area, you need look no further than Chef Steven Anthony.And for those who need a few more details to be convinced...Chef Steven orchestrated an unforgettable multi-course symphony of delicious food, entertaining storytelling and attentive service that my family will be talking about for years to come.Chef's ability to weave his Puerto Rican heritage into locally sourced ingredients all while accommodating both carnivorous and vegetarian preferences made this a meal that I would put side-by-side with many other meals I've enjoyed in restaurants with Michelin stars or with Food Network chef pedigrees.Convinced now? Good. You're in for a treat.P.S. If you're into bread, see if Chef Steven can bake you some of his sourdough to go with the meal. So good.

Chef Steven was absolutely amazing in every way! Yes, his food is amazing, but so is his technique and storytelling. Steven prepared an amazing meal for me and 8 friends and several came up to me after saying it was one of their top dining experiences ever. Chef Steven is also just a good guy and was great to work with as the host of the event. Would definitely definitely recommend to anyone looking to hire a private chef.

My family had a an amazing experience with Chef Steven. The food was phenomenal and he provided great information about where he sources it from to make his food more sustainable. He was also super responsive through the booking process. Steven was very personable telling my family about his travels and where he gets his inspiration from. We had such a great time, we already booked for next year!

I've had the great fortune to travel and eat at well-known restaurants across the globe, but if you were to ask me to choose between the table of a Michelin-star restaurant or Chef Steven's, I'd choose Steven's table every time. His passion, creativity, and staunch support of blending local ingredients with his Puerto Rican roots is a mastery of art that's so rare to see. Compounded with the fact that he's a great guy to talk to and be around, he truly deserves all the 5-star reviews he's already received, with infinitely more to come. It was an absolute highlight getting him to cook for us over 3-days, and I genuinely cannot wait for the next time.

Steven was great! His operation was very well put together. I’ve never had a private chef experience before, and I was pleasantly blown away. The choice of dishes was sublime, and at the end we were the perfect amount of full.He uses local ingredients and is incredibly polite. Steven told us about each dish before serving, and the presentation was perfect. He is not limited to where we were (Colorado); he will travel to give you the best experience. 10/10 would recommend.

Our family trip to Breckenridge was made complete with the coolest private, in home dining experience with Chef Steven! With a party of 9, he catered to everyone’s dietary restrictions and created the most incredible three course meal with the addition of a pre-dinner snack and rounded out with the most indulgent dessert. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Chef Steven’s curated menu was some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten. Each dish was a true experience and it was so interesting to learn about all of the locally sourced ingredients. To top it all off, Chef Steven is darn good company and added to the fun! Would recommend to anyone in the Breckenridge area a thousand times over.

Chef Steven delivered a perfect dinner for our intimate celebration. The menu was exciting, the service was exemplary and his presentation on each of the dishes added a personal and geographic context to everything we ate. I could not recommend his services enough. He truly turns Breckenridge into a food destination with his talents.


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